Policy Committee Agendas

Below is a list of the agendas for current year. Please click on archives to see previous years agendas.


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Supplement Files:
Annual Review Reporting Math sample from Zixia Song
Annual_Review_Reporting_Form-_Doctoral_Progress_to_Degree_(Final) sample from GS Tracy Jones
AnnualRevForm_Optics-Photonics sample from Jim Moharam
MS-Biotechnology-Annual-Review-Form sample from Annette Khaled
PHD CON Annual Evaluation Form sample from Karen Aroian
PhD-Annual-Review-Form sample from Annette Khaled
Download agenda file (docx)  Download file
Supplement Files:
2017-01-18 Thesis and Dissertation policy changes handout
2017-01-18 UCF online Student guidelines 2

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