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Chair, Graduate Council & Chair, Graduate Policy Committee
Zixia Song, 

 Vice Chair, Graduate Council & Chair, Graduate Curriculum Committee
Kerry Purmensky, 

Chair, Graduate Appeals Committee
Steephen Lambert, 

Chair, Graduate Program Review and Awards Committee
Patrick LiKamWa,

Curriculum Development
Creating new tracks or certificates, revising existing programs, tracks or certificates, and creating new degree programs
John Weishampel, College of Graduate Studies associate dean and liaison to the Graduate Curriculum Committee or 823-6634

Curriculum Submissions
Processing of tracks and certificates, changes to existing programs, course action requests, and submission of agenda items for the Graduate Curriculum Committee
Debra Winter, College of Graduate Studies director of communications or 823-3567 

Appeals and Awards Submissions
Graduate Student Records, College of Graduate Studies or 823-3530 or 823-2736 



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